Wednesday, September 05, 2007

September 5th - We Have Moved In!

We arrived back in Rico sometime in mid-July. Our hopes were to move into the 3rd level of the house but not much progress was made while I was back in Iowa. We temporarily moved into the Kreutzer house that we purchased upon our return. The accomodations were quite nice but we were anxious to get moved in to our new space.

About 6 weeks of hard work paid off & on August 29th we spent our first night in our new digs. The place is absolutely beautiful. A few pictures posted here can't really do it justice but we can try.
At the beginning of August, our friend, Gary Rich, arrived from Iowa to join the crew. We are excited to have him here as he is very skilled and a hard worker to boot. We also recently had Matt drop in looking for work and he has proved to be a very hard working addition to the crew as well. The current daily crew is Matt, Gary and myself. And sometimes Lynn will lend a hand with unskilled stuff.
Our primary focus lately has been to complete the exterior and Gary started right in. Within a day or so of his arrival we had already gotten a good start on the front porch and now, several weeks later, the front of the house is completely sided and a good portion of the north side also completed. He is working on the rear deck off the master suite (our current living room) and we will be soon enjoying the morning sun with coffee on the deck.
Hopefully now we will be making more regular postings to the blog. Thanks for the many requests to get it updated!!

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Anonymous said...

Tracy Kirschner here. I hope you and Lynn are well. All is well with Jan, the kids and I.
Naomi's class has been studying sustainable design and building for the las few months. They have not even touched on salvaged materials.
I'm going to pass on your blog to her teachers. Would it be OK if they contacted you?
All the best,