Monday, January 29, 2007

Jan 29th - News from the Boys

It's good having some guys you can trust and Pat and Greenbay have been doing a great job keeping progress moving as well as keeping me posted with pictures on the progress. All 3 posts I made today will have photos of the progress.

Thanks to our dear friends Cody and Anica who have been such a big help in seeing that my financial obligations move along by seeing that my checks are received by the proper folks. Between them , they have found and secured a great place for me to live when I return. An old restored hotel on main street with a 2nd story window overlooking the street will be my new home when I return in a month.

Here's what the boys have to say:
Hey Dave,

It is Sunday evening and we have not heard back from
you yet. Did you get photos? Hope they are what you want.

Bob came by on Saturday afternoon.

I tryed to get ahold of Mike from media ranch. Left
a note on his door in Silverglance. I think he must be
on vacation...or working in Aspen.

Pat and I think it is possible to have master suite
very close for your return. Actually think we have a
plan! Will talk with you this week and see how
realistic. Toilet, tub, shower on your part. We very
close for a partial electrical inspection. That whole
floor with loft. We need to run phone and cable tv.
Not necessarily to a panel. Just out to open space so
we can insulate and rock. Pat worked Saturday on
blocking between rafters. (with ice etc.) It is almost
If this sounds good let us know so we can get
insulation and sheetrock on site.

That's it for now.
Talk soon.

Hey Dave,
Here are some pics so you can see what i have got going out
I'm not use to the whole e-mail thing especialy pics so hopefully this
I've determined the distance from top of deck to threshhold by matching
the back door after the stone is installed. (approx. 2") this leaves approx 2 more inches between top of deck and bottom of
posts on kitchen wall. Do you want the siding to start bottom of post or top of
metal? How about the inside corner between kitchen window and original cabin
trim board or just siding with a vertical chink joint? I think it would look best to kinda match the corner post.
Will try again in the or e-mail me so i know what you want
on the siding questions. Hope all is well and I will talk to you soon.
(that phone doesn't always ring)


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